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10 Reasons why you should join a BNI Networking group today

Fri 9 March 2012

10 Reasons why you should join a BNI Networking group today

Perhaps you’re having doubts about whether you could keep up with the commitment of a networking group? Or maybe you feel like you could do everything that you would do at a BNI networking meeting, just as sufficiently online.

Take a look at the following reasons why any doubts you are having should be cast aside. For a breakfast meeting once a week, it sure gives you a lot back.


1.      Being in a BNI Networking group is equivalent to having roughly 40 sales people working for you, carrying your business cards around and referring your business. Difference is you don’t have to pay their salaries


2.      Word of mouth marketing is the best form of promotion there is. Fact.



3.      You’ll save a fortune on advertising that you will no longer require after you join.


4.      Online networking alone is nowhere near as effective as person to person networking, so don’t use LinkedIn as a reason to not bother joining. It’s not enough.


5.      Meetings are early in the day which means that you’ve got a productive meeting completed before many people are out of bed to start the working day.



6.      You’ll receive regular training in presentation skills as each member has a chance to present each week in 60 second slots.


7.      You’re not just getting referrals from your networking group – you’re receiving support and encouragement from a talented and friendly network of people.


8.      BNI only allows one person from each trade or chapter per group – so you really get a chance to shine without someone else stealing your limelight.


9.      If you cannot attend a meeting you are allowed to send a substitute in your place, so you never miss out.


And last but by no means least -

10.  Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day – in the words of Shredded Wheat ‘keeps hunger locked up till lunch’


Hope you enjoy the post.

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