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Networking Keywords

Fri 30 March 2012

With networking become more and more social – most of us are using Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging to share tips on networking skills, meetings and general info.

There’s nothing worse than writing a blog that never gets found, spending time tweeting to never receive any engagement or in general just wasting effort on online activities that never get picked up.

I thought that today I’d think about some BNI keywords that we can all be using in our content to ensure that we can be found online when people attempt to search us. This might sound like a simple task – but we all tend to forget to optimise our content online with relevant keywords. Our tweets, twitter bios, blog posts and LinkedIn profiles should all contain as many of these keywords as possible. Obviously our content still needs to be legible and make sense, but where appropriate – these keywords can be slotted in to help with our own SEO. I’ve made a list but please feel free to tweet me @LauraHurren with any extras that you can think of.

BNI Keywords




Referral Strategy

Networking events


Ivan Misner

Givers Gain

Breakfast Meeting

VCP Process



Networking Events

Chapter Member



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