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"I Only Buy From BNI"

Tue 10 April 2012

As a Director of BNI, I am always surpised by how difficult it is for members to bring visitors along to their meetings. Its easy, its just sometimes out of our comfort zone so we don't like to spend too much time on it. So here is one of the easiest ways that I found when I was a member where you will not have to do any work - I promise it is that easy. I did it today!

Each day I receive at least 3 calls from companies who are trying to get me to buy their services. Today for example, I have had calls from someone asking me to use their Pat Testing Services, Health and Safety, and Training Services for employees. Now the easy way is to to try to get rid of these calls, get these calls filtered by your staff or to hang up on them. However, consider trying this, just state "since I only buy from BNI, are you a BNI member?". If they ask what it is, invite them to meet at least 20 of your best business contacts and come along and find out what its all about for themselves.

Just one additional suggestion, I once got a call from one of my chapters saying that my visitor from Essex had just arrived to meet me in Walsall. He had travelled 3 hours to meet me for a breakfast meeting. It is worth asking if they have a local representative 1st. Incidently, he enjoyed the meeting that much that he found a local chapter and went and joined there.

I have always found it to be an exceptional way of filtering these calls. They either stop ringing you (bonus) or even better, they come along as your next visitor, and potentially will become a referral partner for life. Give it a try, who knows, it might just work.


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