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Will it be networking as usual during the Olympics?

Tue 17 April 2012

With the Olympics and  Queen’s Jubilee fast approaching, we’re starting to hear more and more concerns about whether public transport, roads, wi- fi systems etc are going to be able to cope. With more than four million extra people expected to descend on London over the Olympic period, these worries are not unfounded.

Come July and August chaos will descend on central London. It’s going to be fun, excitable chaos but chaos none the less. BNI has a lot of chapters that meet in central London that will most certainly be feeling the effects.

So what can we do to be prepared for the impact that The Olympics may have on business.

Be prepared

We are already being warned that there will be a drop in mobile network speeds – lots of people trying to use mobiles in the capital at the same time will mean that signal and networking speeds will be affected. Reverting back to old ways of meeting may be sensible, arrange times and places by email from home and stick to them. Try not to rely on your mobile for google maps and be aware that your emails coming in might be slower.


There are a number of scheduled road diversions and blockages, traffic will be at an all time high so we need to be aware that journeys anywhere in the capital are going to be a) more stressful b) take longer.

Business comes first

As excited as we all are about the Olympics, business must comes first.  BNI will certainly still be meeting and if for any reason your venue is due to become inaccessible on your meeting day then plan ahead.  Find a new venue, join up with another chapter or meet on-line.

Social networking

If all else fails and we’re imprisoned in our houses – social media to the rescue. You can always network via the web, so keep blogging, make sure your LinkedIn profile is completed and ready and raring to go and of course, keep tweeting. The beauty of this technology is that it carries on – rain or shine.

Good Luck and enjoy the Olympics! 

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