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BNIEC - A round up

Fri 4 May 2012

After a whirlwind two weeks – I thought it only appropriate to de brief on the BNI European Directors Conference.  After 15 years as a BNI Director, having attended over 50 conferences this was by far the best ever.


The conference was focused, inspirational and fun.  Three words you don’t always find together – mainly because it’s a hard combination to achieve!


Over 380 Directors from all over Europe attended, for two action packed days that I think most of us are just recovering from! I took away from the conference - a very confident feeling that the future is bright for BNI in the UK. As we head into a double dip recession - there’s a lot of doom and gloom flying around in business at the moment but BNI can proudly say that referrals are up, invoiced business is up and membership is up. 


Highlights and mentions must go to the brilliant Andy Bound who spoke and educated us on the art of effective communication. Phil Berg taught us that ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast ‘whilst highlighting the importance of building a great culture in our chapters. Charlie Lawson (@CH_Lawson) discussed with everyone the ingredients needed to tell a compelling story – a great subject and skill that is always needed on and off line


I thoroughly enjoyed presenting with David Taylor (savvysocialDT) and Dawn Adlam (@DawnAdlam) who joined me to present why it’s necessary to get Social Savvy. The bniec hashtag took off tremendously and really helped to build momentum and camaraderie before the conference had even begun – this camaraderie was carried through the entire two days and made the conference a really fun and enjoyable place to be.


We ended with long standing BNI Executive Director Andrew Hall giving an outstanding presentation which had us all laughing and crying.  The message was clear -  ‘Success comes when opportunity meets passion.’


Thank you to everyone who made the conference so successful and see you all next year!


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