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Tue 22 May 2012

One of the first things that we are given as a BNI member is our name badge. Yet, it always surprises me how often BNI members do not wear theirs at a BNI meeting. It could be that they see it as one of those ‘petty rules’ that BNI impose upon us. And yet every time that we are asked at BNI and other Networking events, would you ever refer your best client to a complete stranger, the answer is a resounding - NO! Remember what your mum and dad taught you about Networking? Struggling? Think about it, every time you went out what did they say? “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!”

So why would we WANT to wear our name badge, rather than HAVE to? It’s because every time that we meet someone new, it’s much easier to introduce ourselves if we can see their name. People do not want to talk to strangers, and it’s much easier for someone to come up to me and say:

 “Hello Jason, I’m …… “

Guess what, we are now conversing and on the way to building a relationship.  Once we have a relationship, we WILL start to do business.

Over the years I’ve been to many networking events and whilst name badges are almost always supplied, very often the writing is so small that you cannot see the names of the people you are networking with.  One of the best networking tips I can give to all BNI members is that if you don’t have a well produced name badge, take your BNI badge with you. Don’t put your business card in it, just your name and market sector nice and clearly. If they need any more information, give them one of your business cards.
And where do we wear it – always top right. The 2 reasons for this? T

he first is that when you meet someone for the first time and you shake hands it will always be in view.
The second reason for this is even more practical, in 5 years of wearing it on the high right, I’ve never yet managed to knock it off. Whenever I wore it anywhere else, more often than not it would end up on the floor.

So for your next networking event whether it’s a BNI meeting or not, wear  your name badge with pride because not because you feel you have to, but because you want to gain more business.

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