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Sat 23 June 2012



I’d thought this week that I’d update you with some events from Derbyshire.

BNI Moss Cottage had a fantastic re-launch after asking for assistance from the Derbyshire Office when they dropped to 10 members. After working hard as a team and getting quickly back to 20 members, they had a very successful launch event receiving 3 new applications at their visitor day.  With 2 more since they are now storming forward with 25 members.

BNI Nutbrook found themselves in a similar position and seeing how successful Moss Cottage had been, asked for the same assistance. We are happy to say that they too are now undergoing training in readiness for their re-launch in July after quickly getting back to 20 members.  BNI Junction 25 are just starting on the same process so we wish them similar success.

If you are in the following key business sectors and are looking for more clients, please contact me for an invitation, Graphic Design, Painter & Decorator, Business Coach, Telecoms, Insurance or Will Writer.


Our new groups are seeing similar success. BNI Synergy near to Junction 28, are on 15 members and are looking to launch early August. BNI Alpine in Swadlincote is having its 1st information meeting on Thursday 28th June but are already on 4 members.  If you are interested in joining a BNI Group then any of these groups could be good for you. The meetings may sound early at 7am but we have found that this is the best time to meet for busy business owners so as not to interfere with Client appointments. If you are struggling with breakfast, we also do lunch.

“Not meeting us for breakfast could be seriously damaging to your wealth!”

The business being passed between BNI members in the UK is at an all time high with more than £307 million being passed in the last 12 months alone. What is even more exciting that currently Derbyshire South has the highest seat value in the UK.  Not heard of us before? At least 2 of our groups are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, so we have a track record of helping 1000’s of Derbyshire business owners to increase their business through a proven word of mouth marketing system.  For more information or to arrange a no obligation visit, please feel free to contact Jason at or follow us on twitter @bnimidlands


“BNI Derbyshire South really is helping to change the way that the world – especially Derbyshire, does business”.

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