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Sat 7 July 2012

Would you refer yourself?

This week’s blog post is a guest blog from Laura Hurren, Executive Director for BNI London North Central.

Laura is asking all networkers and business entrepreneurs out there to take a long hard look in the mirror. Sometimes that can be a daunting prospect but in order to appear and be the very best – sometimes it takes a bit of critical analysis of one’s self, in order to improve on areas that you expect others to excel in.

Ask yourself honestly – ‘Do you see what you want to see in others when you look at yourself?’

 The following points might help you to assess if you’re at the top of your game and keeping your own standards at a level that you expect from the people you refer. It’s pretty simple really but in order to be referred you have to appear referable! 

 Points that make a difference: 

 1.         Your collateral material, 

 Insuring that your collateral media is up to date and being leveraged properly is a really simple task but sometimes gets overlooked. Are your business cards and brochures looking a little tired or dated? Perhaps it’s time to spark things up a bit in order to appear current and fresh. The same goes for your website – keeping your website up to date is just as important, nothing looks worse than visiting a website that’s latest blog is dated October 2010. 

 Leveraging social media successfully and letting people know that you are using the platforms looks encouraging and helps to build trust. Having your social media icons and handles on all your business cards and website is always a good idea

 2.         Are you credible – 

 What are your customers saying about you? Ivan Misner claims that in order for us to be successful in our networking we need to Visible and then Credible - you can see more about this in one of my past blog posts ‘Black Belt Networking’. You wouldn’t refer someone if you didn’t think they were credible, so be sure to practice what you preach - keeping testimonials on your website and LinkedIn profile current can help to build trust and therefore credibility. 

 3.         The way you look.  

 You don’t have to be suited and booted but remember to always be smart and presentable, clean and tidy. First impressions really count and looking and feeling the part can make a world of difference when it comes to impressing people.

 4.         Last of all is the words you say

 You can talk the talk and walk the walk but the question you need to ask yourself is - ‘Are you getting the referrals you want and would you refer yourself?’ 

A little about Laura,
Laura is one of the 4 original founding Executive Directors of BNI in the UK and has since gone on to be involved in the development of Scandinavia. She is also the Co-National Director for Italy. Drawing on extensive knowledge, techniques and experience gained from a myriad of industries, Laura is a specialist in putting people together to form powerful business and personal relationships using the BNI system.

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