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Taxman Targets Hair and Beauty Salons in Northern Ireland

Mon 9 July 2012

HMRC has announced a new taskforce set up to target Hair & Beauty salons in Northern Ireland. These taskforces are set up to be geographically specific and to involve "intensive burst" of investigation into specific high risk trade sectors.

HMRC officers may make unannounced visits usually at the busiest time of the week (Saturday) and demand to inspect the business records, cash & till records, computers and names and tax details of all workers on the premises.
This campaign follows HMRC's approach to targeting specific areas in which they believe there is widespread tax evasion. Other taskforces announced include, pubs, restaurants and the motor sector. Now more than ever HMRC is determined to collect more revenue from investigations.

Such a visit can cause huge disruption to the business and while HMRC may be operating under Sch 36 of the Finance Act 2008 and in particular Para 12 (2)b , it is important that the business owner should not deliberately obstruct the officers. However, if there is a genuine reason (customers booked in etc) to refuse the visit the business owner should explain this to HMRC and make alternative arrangments.

It is vital for businesses to keep complete and accurate business records.

This article was produced by Hamilton Morris Waugh Chartered Accountants and members of BNI Belfast Waterfront.

For further advice or if you are unsure of what to do in the event of an HMRC investigation you can contact them on 028 9127 5424 or 



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