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Appointment of Managing Area Director for South Pennines

Tue 1 January 2013

Announcement from Mike Holman:  

I am very pleased to announce that Steve Crozier has accepted the position of Managing Area Director for the South Pennines.

 Steve is fully committed to BNI and will be undertaking the role in a full time position as of the 1st of January. He absolutely shares my enthusiasm and passion and his team’s performance in 2012 has been quite brilliant. Membership within his area has risen 37% which includes our most successful launch in many years by members of his team, Louise Eccles and Nick Wroe. He has a pipeline of 2 more chapters due to launch in early 2013 and has plans for more chapter launches by members of his team. Coupled with his commitment for making BNI available to all local business people, Steve wishes to continue to focus on improving the quality of what we deliver and increasing the numbers of quality members in our existing chapters.

I am extremely excited about this appointment as I truly believe this will allow us to take BNI to a new level for our members and all involved.

Please join with me in wishing Steve our congratulations and support.

 Mike Holman

Executive Director South Pennines & Lancashire

Assistant National Director 

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