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Training and Events in Berkshire

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Training Events

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Training Venues

Bird in the Hand
Knowl Hill, Berkshire, RG10 9UP
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Newbury Hilton South
Pinchington Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7HL
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The Centre Conference Venue, Slough
Farnham Road, Slough, SL1 4UT
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Wokefield Park
Goodboys Lane, Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 3AH
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Training Types

BNI Berkshire Chapter Meeting
A special one-off chapter meeting open to all BNI members in Berkshire. The meeting will follow the standard chapter agenda, and the aim is to beat the 150,000 pounds raised by similar events in other regions. There is no One Member Per Trade or profession; this event is open to all, on a first come first served basis (places limited to 45).
Chapter Development
When chapter get above 40 good members everything is easier. Referrals are easier to find as here are more people to find them for – more people are looking for referrals for you – visitors see clearly ‘what’s in it for me’ and conversion rates increase – members want to be present therefore absences go down – there is a natural buzz in the room – members get more £££’s each year. Join us and find out how you can help you chapter get above 40.....
DC / Ambassador Information Meeting
Learn how you can make more money from your BNI membership by being part of the BNI Berkshire team.
Get a great referral over a cup of coffee
When we meet for a coffee and a 121, how do we walk away with a great referral?

How do we find quality referrals for our fellow BNI member, and how do we get them in return?

How should we prepare for our 121?

What are the key things to do afterwards?

1-2-1’s are the most effective way to get to know each other so that you can find your dream referrals.

By the end of this workshop you will leave with tried and tested tips and techniques to improve your performance, and proven strategies that will generate you referrals from your new referral partner.
Get more reffrals with the Referral Institute - Sarah Owen
The Referral Institute is the global referral partner of BNI. Their mission is to help successful entrepreneurs generate amazing business from referrals.

Sarah Owen is the co-author of the best selling book The World's Best Known Marketing Secret and is recognised as one of Europe's leading experts in referral marketing and networking.

Please note for non-BNI members the charge for this workshop is
How Givers can Gain on LinkedIn and BNI Connect
How Givers can Gain on LinkedIn and BNI Connect

Discover how to leverage Givers Gain, the important ethos of BNI, on LinkedIn and BNI Connect. In this powerful session on the social network that means business you will discover not only best practice on LinkedIn, but crucially how simple steps will allow you to promote yourself through your BNI Chapter and fellow members and beyond. Also find out how to promote yourself on BNI Connect, how to book one-to-ones and give online referrals.

Join BNI Berkshire Director Consultant and social media author Nigel Morgan as he explains the importance of LinkedIn to making the most of your BNI membership.

During this session you will discover how to:

Promote a professional profile on LinkedIn and BNI Connect

Why to fly the BNI flag on LinkedIn

The value of giving Recommendations and Referrals

Leverage Specific referrals within 60 seconds

Supercharge your one-to-one meetings with LinkedIn & BNI Connect
Iain Whyte - BNI masterclass - Guest Speaker
We have the great pleasure in bring back Iain Whyte to Berkshire. Iain is an International speaker travelling the globe doing what he enjoys the most which is being the catalyst that kicks starts people believing they can move in the direction they wish and achieve what they set out to achieve.

Iain is the Author of "Life Business and Speedboats" a practical book for growing your business with people you already know.

He is also a contributing Author in "GIVE: 16 Giving Strategies To Grow Your Business" by Sam Rathling.

Iain has no nonsense common sense approach to business and is renowned for saying as it is. He is a believer what you see is what you get and anything else is just complex.

Iain believes his purpose in life to give vision and depth to the lives of the people with whom he connects, so they can open their hearts to the wonder that is their life.

Please note for non-BNI members the charge for this workshop is £110. There is an early-bird booking fee of £75, valid up to 2 weeks before.
Leadership Team Training
Leadership Team Changeover Training
Member Success Training
BNI is an internationally successful organisation. How do you make it successful for you?

By understanding the Referral Confidence curve, we can give and receive better referrals quicker. We can build quality relationships, present ourselves well in our chapters, and establish the credibility we need to give us a massive return on our investment.

At this training session you will be encouraged to set goals for the business you want to receive from BNI. The training will show you how to reach those goals.

This workshop is for new members, who have committed to attend within 60 days of joining BNI, and also for experienced BNI members who want to make sure they are getting the basics right.
Monthly Green Club Meeting
Accelerated networking for the top networkers in Berkshire; the BNI members in the Green in the Traffic Lights for the previous month. This is an invitation-only event, designed to help Green Club members get even more return from their BNI membership.

"The first contact will be ongoing business every month which paid for my BNI annual membership after month one. The second contact put me in touch with a Paralympic gold medallist who I am now working closely together with at a charity he is a patron of. We are also developing other avenues of fundraising for charities which is how I am growing my business. This will lead to further business.
To other BNI members who have qualified to attend the Green Club I would really encourage them to make the time to be there. It could be a real boost to your business.
I have a saying; If you don’t go – you don’t know!!"
Alan May, Premier Lifestyle Conservatories Feb 2014

"From my first Green Club meeting last year I won a contract for £120,000 thanks to the expert networkers at the Green Club." Tracy Averies, the Lady Builder

"concentrated networking and education with instant results" James Oldham
"contacts and referrals being generated throughout the evening" David Taylor
"I have joined forces with another chapter member to increase business for us both" Paulyne Woods
"that’s the kind of serious networking I have been waiting for" Sarah Wooldridge
On Track Dinner
The Leadership Team Mid Term Dinnner - by invitation only
Power Teams
Groups with strong power teams in place see individuals getting more than 65% of their BNI business from that one group. Join us to learn how to create successful a successful power team in your group around your profession......
Presenting well to get more great referrals from your 60 seconds
Why do some people get great referrals from their 60 seconds, and not others? What is that they do that is different?

This workshop covers the secrets to doing a killer 60 seconds presentation that is designed to get you more referrals. By presenting ourselves, our business and our referral requests in a clear, easy to understand way, we can educate our BNI sales force to get us great referrals every week.

This is also a great opportunity to meet like minded members of other BNI Berkshire chapters and extend your network of contacts.

Limited Places available - BOOK NOW
Profit through Referrals
Profit through Referrals
Profitable Networking
The whole idea of networking, relationships and referrals is that they give us profit.

How do we make the most profit from our networking?

How can we use the concept of Givers Gain to deliver profits for us?

If you sometimes think some of your effort goes unrewarded and you could get a better return from your networking, both with BNI and elsewhere, this workshop is for you.
Referral Skills Workshop
What would you like your chair to be worth?
Have you decided what your BNI chair is worth ? Have you worked out how many referrals and, more to the point, exactly what referrals you will attract in the months to come to achieve your goals?
What if you could be shown a way to double, even treble the level of business you presently generate from BNI?
In this two hour interactive workshop you will discover how to dramatically increase the number of referrals you give to other members. You will learn how to attract people who want to know more about your business.
Meet like minded members of other chapters and extend your network of contacts. Two hours that will change your approach to referrals, forever.
Sarah Owen from Referral Institute - Guest Speaker
The Referral Institute are a strategic partner with BNI. Their vision is to help entrepreneurs create Referrals For Life.

The Referral Institute’s vision is to be the world’s leader helping entrepreneurs create Referrals For Life®. Creating Referrals For Life® means that our clients will be working within communities of like-minded successful entrepreneurs around the world who believe in:
1.Growing thier business by referral while developing incredible relationships
2.Developing a strategic message that clearly describes who you are and how you operate in business
3.Having choices and taking responsibility to gain new achievements
4.Being available to give and receive to their community members
5.To ultimately have the spectacular lifestyle they deserve!

Referrals For Life® is not just a marketing technique, it’s a life style.

Please note for non-BNI members the charge for this workshop is £110. There is an early-bird booking fee of £75, valid up to 2 weeks before.

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