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Training and Events in Yorkshire East

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Training Events

BNI Workshops are an excellent networking opportunity for you as well as a learning opportunity - bring plenty of business cards & repeat attendance is welcome. Turning contacts into contracts!

Please note: If you make a booking and for any reason cannot attend please notify the BNI office, by email, a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the event. If you do not attend and we have not received your timely cancellation you will be billed for your place.

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There are no training events in this region

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Training Venues

12-14A Abbeygate,, Town Centre,, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1JY
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Airco Ltd
Airco House, Goulton Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 4DL
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Douoble Tree by Hilton
Sheffiled Park, Chesterfiled Road South, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 8BW
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Fit 20
Harry Brearley House, Fox Valley Way, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 2AE
Click here for a map
HULL - The Village Hotel
Priory Park, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU4 7DY
Click here for a map
Langthwaite Business Centre
Langthwaite Business Park, Langthwaite Road, South Kirby, South Yorkshire, WF9 3AE
Click here for a map
Oaklands Hall Hotel
Barton Street, Laceby, Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire, DN37 7LF
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Rudstone Walk
South Cave, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 2AH
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Training Types

1-1 Relationship Skills Workshop **NEW**
This NEW workshop is dedicated to building relationships with your fellow members by having effective 1-2-1 meetings!

What's the point of a 1-1 meeting with one of your fellow members? A quick chat? A catch-up on the football/soaps? NO! A 1-1 meeting should be about generating business through enhanced relationships! How effective are you when doing 1-1s?
This workshop will help you build better relationships with your chapter members and prospects(which leads to more business), as well as showing you how you can get more business directly from your 1-1s.

The bottom line:

This workshop was run for the first time in York on Jan16th. 35 members generated 105 qualified referrals. Think what that could do for your business if you were lucky enough to attend! Book now and make 2014 your best business year ever:
Who was it who said "Education. Education, Education"? It doesn't matter who, but there could not be a truer statement as far as BNI is concerned.
To be able to bring most business to our chapters and therefore receive the most amount of business we need to REALLY know who each of us needs to talk with. Over this many years we know that the best way to do this is with 1-2-1s. Time is always the enemy in a busy business life, so come and learn how to do the most effective 1-2-1s in the least amount of time. This could be the most "pound for pound" effective workshop you could attend. BOOK NOW!
Alchemy- Turn your Visitors into Gold
We spend a lot of time and effort inviting Visitors. We spend a lot of time actually getting them there.
Are we sure we are maximizing that golden opportunity?
This workshop will enable you to set a minimum standard by which each visitor will leave wanting to do business with many of you!....and they might even want to join you!
The evening is split into several workshops which will enable your chapters to put systems into place from before the visitor arrives till after they leave and beyond.
Your team will benefit most the more of you that are there, as they are team based exercises.
You will leave knowing how to host your visitors as a team for maximum team benefit.
Don't let the gold that is visitors slip through your fingers.
Being Specific is Terrific. It Pays!
We are all starting to see the benefits of being specific.
This workshop will enhance this skill for referrals in both terms of identifying specifics but also communicating that clearly and easily.
If we can be specific about referrals, this workshop will also help us be specific about who we want as referral partners both inside and outside the meeting.
This workshop will help you all make more money more easily by being more specific!
Business Development Training
Business Development Training
First and foremost BNI is less about the organisation and very much about helping you improve your business. This course combines elements of networking, referral and presentation skills and shows you how to build the "Ultimate Contacts List" so you never have to go anywhere else, other than your BNI business group to grow your business by referral. We will touch on getting more from every networking event and creating and operating successful power teams- like you have never seen before. This wil be a results focused session so come prepared to network, learn and take notes and ... earn!
Hosted By Rick Armstrong
Our Guest Speaker Ewan ( Jack Dee of BNI )Sturman will deliver this brand new workshop on growing your number of referrals partner and therefore your business!Both in Chapter terms and your personal business terms. Not to be missed as you will earn how to earn in a fun and productive meeting.
Extra special - Build your business workshop
Following on from the Sell-Out success of our our previous 3 'Build Your Business' Workshops we are delighted to announce Ewan Sturman will be delivering the next event.

Ewan Sturman, known as the Jack Dee of BNI for his dry humour, is a leading Referral Marketing expert who writes as an expert for business-networking.co.uk and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business by word of mouth.
Learn how to double the referrals you get from your group with simple, proven techniques that take no extra time and don't cost you a single penny.
You will also leave this session with possibly your best referral ever.
Plus lots more....
Leadership Round Table
As you will see from the traffic lights "West Holland" is leading the way in Yorkshire.
We on the Area Director team want to take this to the next level in supporting you in the support of your Chapters.
Looking at best practice from this Country and around The World the areas that make the most money for their members hold Leadership Round Table Meetings.
These meetings enable us to share what is working and helping each other when we face challenges.
FOR THE LEADERSHIP TEAMS ONLY..normally this time mentor co-ordintators are invited too!
This workshop enables the new Leadership Teams, and those serving in key roles, to maximize their effectiveness in helping your chapter grow and your members more money. There is goal setting, and training of the whole meeting process. This is not exclusively for the Leadership, as coming along will help you support them in their role, of helping you in your business. The more of your team who train together will be the most successful!
Member Success Programme
Either as the essential introductory course for new members or as a refresher for established members this session identifies the basic building blocks needed to build business success through your BNI membership.

It helps members identify the key skills they need to develop to maximise the return on their investment.

It provides an invaluable insight into the importance of developing relationships where trust and confidence are the key ingredients.

As a foundation for success this course provides members with the tool kit they need, and the understanding that the "Givers Gain" philosophy will help them achieve their business goals providing they work at it.
Phil Berg workshop
Phil Berg is coming to South Yorkshire! Don't miss this opportunity to hear Phil speak and to learn lots of useful BNI tips on how to grow your business.
Presentation Skills workshop
Whether making a short introduction to one person, a sales pitch to a board room or a full days presentation to a mass audience, whether you are a practised public speaker or someone who is just starting to focus on this important subject, honing your presentation skills will make all the difference to your business and your personal development.Presented by Rick Armstrong AD for West Yorks....there is no one better to deliver this workshop. You will thoroughly enjoy this workshop and go away upskilled and confident so book now
Ready Steady Grow
You will learn how to:-
1. Build your Ultimate Contact list
2. Use that list to grow you business
3. Use that list to grow your fellow BNI partners businesses
The most commonly asked question is "How can we get more, quality visitors to our group?"
This workshop is designed to answer that question!
Don't forget your specific referral request so by 8:00pm you can leave with an actual referral.
Book now so we can help More Members Make More Money
Referral and Visitor Host training
With Jeremy Bass
Skills Workshop
The content of this workshop has not been confirmed. The dates is here, the content will come soon but will very very relevant, so it is well worth booking this space in your diary!
The key to business success through referrals is to make it easy for your BNI partners to bring you referrals. Equally would it help if they made it easy for you?
YES YES YES I hear you cry.
This is the most significant workshop to be run in the last 10 years.
This will make your chapter a referral generating machine.
The more of your group attend the more money you WILL all make!!
Whole Team Visitor Host Training
Each chapter has a Visitor Host Team. How can the rest of the chapter support them if they do not know what they are trying to achieve?
This training we be most effective if the WHOLE chapter attends. We spend a vast effort in getting visitors through the door!! Let's not waste that effort, and maximise the visitor experience where we are all involved. How would you like to be shown a way we NEVER have to "close" a visitor again?? It is vital that ALL the Visitor Hosts attend,and desirable the rest of your team support them. Book now to increase your bottom line from the chapter!

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