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Training and Events in Yorkshire North

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Training Events

BNI Workshops are an excellent networking opportunity for you as well as a learning opportunity - bring plenty of business cards & repeat attendance is welcome. Turning contacts into contracts!
BNI workshops are CPD accredited.

Please note: If you make a booking and for any reason cannot attend please notify the BNI office, by email, a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the event. If you do not attend and we have not received your timely cancellation you will be billed for your place.

Date / Time Event / Venue Cost Confirm
30/04/14 Wednesday Network Like a Pro. **NEW**
5.30 pm to 8.30 pm YORK - Novotel Hotel, York £15 [confirm]
07/05/14 Wednesday Member Success Training
5.30 pm to 8.30 pm HARROGATE - Cedar Court Hotel £15 [confirm]
12/05/14 Monday Leadership Team Round Table Forum
06:30am YORK - Novotel Hotel, York £15.00 [confirm]
21/05/14 Wednesday Whole Chapter Visitor Host Training
5:30 pm HARROGATE - Cedar Court Hotel £15:00 [confirm]

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Training Venues

HARROGATE - Cedar Court Hotel
Park Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5AH
Click here for a map
Holiday Inn A1(M) Junction 36
High Road, Warmsworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 9UX
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YORK - Novotel Hotel
Fewster Way, Fishergate, York, YO10 4FD
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Training Types

1-1 Relationship Skills Workshop **NEW**
This NEW workshop is dedicated to building relationships with your fellow members by having effective 1-2-1 meetings!

What's the point of a 1-1 meeting with one of your fellow members? A quick chat? A catch-up on the football/soaps? NO! A 1-1 meeting should be about generating business through enhanced relationships! How effective are you when doing 1-1s?
This workshop will help you build better relationships with your chapter members and prospects(which leads to more business), as well as showing you how you can get more business directly from your 1-1s.
Business Development Training
First and foremost BNI is less about the organisation and very much about helping you improve your business. This course combines elements of networking, referral and presentation skills and shows you how to build the "Ultimate Contacts List" so you never have to go anywhere else, other than your BNI business grouping to grow your buisness by referral. We will touch on getting more from every networking event and creating and operating successful power teams- like you have never seen before. This wil be a results focused session so come prepared to network, learn and take notes and ... earn!
Leadership Team Handover Training for all members
This workshop shows the incoming Leadership team how to run their BNI group as a successful business so that all memebrs gain more quality business. All memebrs should attend as a deeper understanding of the BNI systems allows them to support the Leadership team even if you dont have a specific "role" in the group.
Plus network with all the BNI members across the region- we're finding the biggest referrals happen here!
Leadership Team Round Table Forum
Everybody knows that world-class performers in all walks of life use goal setting as a way to reach their targets and beat the competition.
We will review the goals you set last September and help you stay on track to reach those targets using proven tips and techniques.
Plus , this is your chance to learn the latest new skills and share information across the region. Pick-up best practice tips and successes to make your chapter more profitable. Open to Leadership Teams only.
Manage Your Results not Your Time
We're all created equal in that we have only have 24 hours in a day. Despite time management training and "to do" lists so many people tell me that they get to the end of their day and feel like they did lots but felt like they achieved nothing. Worse still, there is often an empty feeling despite getting so much done. This workshop will show you a proven, tested approach to managing results rather than time. But first you will discover what results matter to you most. This is not your standard BNI training. This workshop is designed to help you with your life, which in turn helpw with both your business an BNI endeavours. Places are limited to 30 so book early to avoid disappointment. Make the next quarter your best ever !
Member Success Training
Either as the essential introductory course for new members or as a refresher for established members this session identifies the basic building blocks needed to build business success through your BNI membership.

It helps members identify the key skills they need to develop to maximise the return on their investment.

It provides an invaluable insight into the importance of developing relationships where trust and confidence are the key ingredients.

As a foundation for success this course provides members with the tool kit they need, and the understanding that the "Givers Gain" philosophy will help them achieve their business goals providing they work at it.
Network Like a Pro. **NEW**
A workshop where you will learn to never again waste your time at a networking event.
You will learn 3 simple questions to use at any gathering of people to create instant business opportunities for yourself (and the person in front of you!). Never again will you leave a networking event without a fist full of quality referrals. And we mean real quality.
In fact, the skills you
Phil Berg workshop
Phil Berg is coming to South Yorkshire! Don't miss this opportunity to hear Phil speak and to learn lots of useful BNI tips on how to grow your business.
Presentation Skills- 10 Top Tips to Win More Sales
What's the result you want from your presentation? This workshop will help you to identify the outcomes you want from your presentations and then show you how to get them through simple stuff that works. You will leave with crafted presentations that can be used in "real life" to get better results than you have had in the past,a nd results that will leave your competition in the dust!
Referral Skills Training **NEW**
This course will not only help you gain more from your BNI membership but the tactics you will learn are essential ingredients for the overall referral strategy for your business and a marker in your calendar that says business grew a whole lot faster from here
Whole Chapter Visitor Host Training
Each chapter has a Visitor Host Team. How can the rest of the chapter support them if they do not know what they are trying to achieve?
This training we be most effective if the WHOLE chapter attends. We spend a vast effort in getting visitors through the door!! Let's not waste that effort, and maximise the visitor experience where we are all involved. How would you like to be shown a way we NEVER have to "close" a visitor again?? It is vital that ALL the Visitor Hosts attend,and desirable the rest of your team support them. Book now to increase your bottom line from the chapter!

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