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Training and Events in Shropshire

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Training Events

The Member Success Program Workshop is essential for new members and provides an opportunity for established members to refresh their skills and make new contacts.
Advanced Skill Workshops cover a wide range of subjects and are described in the published program.
All attendees should reserve their place online, at least 48 hours before the workshop takes place.

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There are no training events in this region

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Training Venues

ABV Training
Whitebridge Industrial Estate, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8LQ
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Quality Hotel
66 Trinity Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5NB
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Staffordshire University
Lecture Theatre 4 Ashley Centre, Stoke Campus, Leek Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DF
Click here for a map
The Park Inn
Foregate, Telford Centre, Shropshire, TF3 4NA
Click here for a map
The Roman Way Hotel
Watling Street, Hatherton, Cannock, WS11 1SH
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Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Cen
Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 0NL
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Training Types

Business By Referral
How to increase the number of referrals for yourself and your chapter.
A new interactive workshop giving you practical hints and ideas to increase your visibility, profitability and credibility in your chapter.
How to generate more business from your membership
By the end of this workshop you will be able to present your business more effectively, be able to generate more referrals, and you will know how to extend your BNI network beyond your own chapter.
How to invite visitors for the Power Team Drive
Do you know that BNI members get 67% of their referrals from members of their power team? Find out how to make this happen for your business.
Leadership Team Mid Term Workshop
This is a gathering of all Leadership Teams to explore and share ways of developing Chapters and helping members gain a greater benefits from their BNI membership. The Workshop has something for every member of the wider leadership team including;
Visitor Hosts
Visitor Host Co-ordinator
Education Co-ordinator
Mentor Co-ordinator
Power Team Co-ordinator
Events Co-ordinator
Chapter Director
Membership Co-ordinator
Secretary Treasurer

There will be somehting here for everyone.
Leadership Team Training
Make More Money From Your BNI Membership
This program goes further than any other to give you the understanding and skills to get more money from your BNI Membership. It explains many of the ideas and principles so that you can really get to grips with making your membership a real powerhouse of referrals and income to your business. The program includes a workbook and interactive elements that mean you will leave with a lot of new thinking and action points. You will understand how the way you present your business, its structure and your philosophy and thinking and what you actually are seen to be doing directly affects the quality and amount of business you get.
Member Success Programme
• BNI Background & Philosophy
• Components of BNI
• The referral curve
• The structure of BNI
• Givers Gain
• 60's objectives and structure
• 1-2-1 objectives and structure
• 10 minute objectives and structure

This programme is essential for each BNI member and it is recommended that it is attended every 12 months. This workshop is designed to allow any BNI member to fully identify the components of BNI and how to get the most out of your membership. It will paint a complete BNI picture, ensuring that your participation and contribution to the chapter is effective and mutually beneficial to all members. It will give you all the knowledge required to maximise your investment in BNI as your Word of Mouth marketing partner.
Networking Skills
How to manage your network of contacts to get more business.
Phil Berg Make More Money From BNI
Over Seven Years Phil Berg generated an average of £300,000 a year from his BNI Membership.

Do you want to match this or do better?

We’ve invited Phil Berg to come to Staffordshire & Shropshire to tell us how he made BNI work for him and to give you the very latest information about how you can make BNI work for you and your business.
Power Team Focus Briefing
Briefing for the 2011 Power Team Focus to run from 16th May to 29th July. Grow your Business by Growing Your Power Team
Presentation Skills
How to get more referrals from your 60 second and ten minute presentations.
Profit Through Referrals
How to improve the quality of the referrals you give and receive.
A new and interactive workshop that will give you practical tips on generating more profit for your BNI membership.
Trainer - Jane Alexander
Referral Skills
How to maximise the quality and quantity of referrals you receive.
Referrals Made Easy
A new and interactive workshop designed to give you some quick and easy tips, new ideas and best practices on how to give more referrals and get more referrals.
Trainer - Jane Alexander
Relationship Skills
How strong relationships in BNI can help you generate more business.
Top BNI Member Event
This is an invitation only event especialy for our mmebers that are on the GREEN (70 Points)in the Member Traffic Light or have gained over 55 points and so have the potential to get to GREEN. If yuo wnat to know more contact Carl Evans on 07775 774 740.

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