Noord Holland

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Clara Overes (Executive Director)

Jan Zoethout (Area Director Consultant)

Rob Cornelissen (Director Consultant)

Marjo Blokker (Director Consultant)

Nancy Koornwinder (Director Consultant)

Jeroen Engelaer (Director Consultant)

Arlette Nikken (Director Consultant)

Tim Mars (Director Consultant)

Maurice Broussard (Director Consultant)

BNI HaarlemmerMéér

Business Networking, BNI HaarlemmerMéér, Noord Holland

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Director: Nancy Koornwinder
Email Address:
Telephone: 0655544643
Venue: Crown Business Center,
Planetenweg 5,
2132 HN
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Day: Woensdag 07.30 - 08.30 uur

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