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Allure (Amsterdam centrum) BAZ (Amsterdam Zuid-Oost) BNI Bosbaan (Amsterdam) BNI Impulse (Amsterdam) BNI Mauve BNI Morgenstond (Amstelveen en Amsterdam) BNI ZO! (Amsterdam Zuid-Oost) Opaal (Naarden/Bussum) Overvloed (Amsterdam Noord) Profijt (Amsterdam Noord) Rivendel (Baarn) Royaal (Amsterdam) Smaragd (Amersfoort) Toermalijn (Amsterdam Centrum) Top Leadz! (Amersfoort) WAUW! (Weesp) Welvaart (Amersfoort) Zuid-as (Amsterdam)

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Amsterdam region, BNI Nederland

Welcome to the Amsterdam region. If there does not appear to be a chapter in your area, and you would be interested in becoming a Founder Member of a new chapter in your area, please contact your area's Regional Director whose details appear below.


Harry Mars (Executive Director)

Petra Zwemmer (Executive Director)

Linda Hendriks van Alfen (Director Consultant)

Clemens Staal (Director Consultant)

Herbert Denk (Director Consultant)

Desiree Mafait (Director Consultant)

Jose Boesten (Director Consultant)

Martin Krijgsman (Director Consultant)

Bert Caré (Director Consultant)

Jessica Geluk (Director Consultant)

Peter van Honschoten (Director Consultant)

Peter van Bergen (Director Consultant)

Edmond N. Wolff van Ravenswade (Director Consultant)

Katarina Hartgers (Director Consultant)

Geo van Dam (Director Consultant)

Eveline Kooloos (Director Consultant)

Alma Nederstigt (Director Consultant)

Sipko Visser (Director Consultant)

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